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16 awesome prop bets for the Atlanta-Seattle game

What’s a game without a little side action?

Super Bowl 50 Proposition Bets At The Westgate Las Vegas Race & Sports SuperBook Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that gambling is a big part of the NFL experience or not, but this is America, you don’t know where I live and gambling is a big part of the NFL experience.

Not all betting is created equally, however. Prop bets are infinitely more fun to track than straight point spreads and over/unders, because something can change on virtually any given play.

With that in mind, we went and compiled some real prop bets for the Falcons’ upcoming game against the Seahawks and made up 10 of our own.

Some are outlandish, but all are certainly worth monitoring. Hope you enjoy!

6 real prop bets, courtesy of SportsBetting Dime

Odds that Vic Beasley will have the most sacks in the divisional round: 4/1

The NFL’s sack leader (!!!) will get a chance to feast against one of the weakest offensive lines in the league. He’s the odds-on favorite to take the quarterback down most often this weekend, ahead of Seattle’s Michael Bennett, who comes in at 8/1.

Odds to gain the most rushing yards in the divisional round

Thomas Rawls: 13/2

Devonta Freeman: 16/1

I don’t think many would contend that Freeman has been the more productive running back in his career, but this line is more of a reflection of the defenses. Rawls played well in Seattle’s win over Detroit, and he figures to be a main focus of the Falcons’ defense on Saturday.

Odds each kicker misses a game-winning kick in the final minute

Steven Hauschka: 3/1

Matt Bryant: 8/1

Hauschka missed a field goal the first time these two teams met this season, and he had an extra point blocked. Bryant, meanwhile, has been one of the most clutch kickers in the NFL since arriving in Atlanta. If it comes down to a field goal, I’ll take our guy.

Odds the pass interference no-call will be mentioned during the broadcast: 1/19

The odds makers view this is an absolute certainty, and it’s basically assured to happen.

Odds on which owner will be shown the most during the broadcast

Paul Allen: 5/1

Arthur Blank: 10/1

This may come down to the fact that the camera crews aren’t going to be able to find Mr. Blank. Between the sideline, the press box and the broadcast booth (gotta sell those PSLs!), the Falcons’ owner may burn as many calories during the game as any player does.

Odds on which player receives an unsportsmanlike penalty during the game

Richard Sherman: 12/1

Kam Chancellor: 25/1

Sherman leads all players for this category in the divisional round, and he might blow his lid if Julio gets the best of him once again. No Atlanta player is mentioned on this list, which drives home the point that we are the good guys.

10 Falcoholic prop bets

Will Mike Wilbon have an emotional breakdown if the Falcons win?

Yes: -200

No: +200

Wilbon made some waves in Atlanta for his fiery rant against Matt Ryan’s MVP candidacy. He recently said the city is “like a second home” to him, but he’s never been shy about calling out Atlanta. Can someone please get a camera on him for Saturday’s game?

Number of times Atlanta’s victory over Seattle in 2012 playoffs is mentioned.

Over/under: 4

People love their storylines, and Atlanta facing the only team it’s been able to beat in the playoff under Ryan’s tenure will be a big one. Let’s hope they don’t run that point into the ground.

Number of times the refs will tease the Falcons with the possibility of a Seahawks’ penalty, only to stick the flag back in their pocket and act like nothing happened.

Over/under: 6

This one needs no explanation.

National media excuses for why Atlanta earned a postseason victory against “playoff-tested” Seattle.

Over/under: 15

Atlanta actually appears to have some respect thanks to its historic offense this season. That being said, there are still national pundits who will spout examples for why a Falcons’ victory was nothing more than a fluke.

Will Richard Sherman have a Grayson Allen moment on the sideline during the game?

Yes: -150

No: +150

The first time these two teams met this season, Sherman appeared to be a little flustered on the sideline numerous times during the game. It got so bad that the rest of the defense had to do a group dance to cheer him up. Expect a few more group dances on Saturday.

Number of pass interference penalties that will be called on Seattle.

Over/Under: 1.5

The Legion of Boom is certainly intimidating, but they are virtually unbeatable when allowed to pin a receiver’s arms against his side. Let’s hope Atlanta gets a little home-field love.

How many times will Keanu Neal explode on a receiver like an atomic bomb?

Over/Under: 4

Keanu is essentially a human boxing glove.

Number of times Pete Carroll is shown on the sideline chewing gum.

Over/under: 2.5

First, it was Marshawn Lynch’s Skittle fixation. Now, it’s Pete Carroll’s obsessive gum chewing. It’s only a matter of time before Starbucks has a coffee in the hand of each Seattle player on the sideline.

Will Sherman pull out a wrestling move on Julio that’s been banned by the WWE for being too aggressive?

Yes: -100

No: +100

One of the game’s true toss-ups.

Number of times Keanu Neal is referred to as “Atlanta’s version of Kam Chancellor”

Over/Under: 84

The “mute” button is mankind’s greatest invention, and I will argue that point to my grave.