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The Falcoholic Podcast Episode 13: The Seahawks OL is hot garbage

Hot takes galore.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Here at The Falcoholic, you simply can never have enough hot takes. And if you’re talking about hot takes, you have to talk about the king of hot takes: Matt Chambers. The resident hot-takes expert was on hand with Jeanna and DW to share his mental issues opinions on a variety of topics. Those topics included:

  • Talking about the Falcons All-Pro selections and how people are still trying to discredit Matt Ryan
  • How one NFL reporter said Jordy Nelson was worse than Kenny Britt (yes, really)
  • Why Kyle Shanahan may not leave for a head coaching gig
  • The wild-card playoff games and how the Packers and Seahawks looked
  • How the Falcons match-up with Seattle along with predictions for the game on Saturday.

As always, the hot takes were too numerous to mention. You’ll simply have to listen to hear them all.

(02:00) Jeanna and DW are joined by hot-takes expert Matt Chambers to talk about the Falcons All-Pro players: Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Vic Beasley and Alex Mack

(15:51) The conversation shifts gears to talk about Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan, and whether he's going to leave the team for a head coaching gig or not

(29:00) The talk turns towards the wild-card playoff games and how teams like the Seahawks and Packers looked

(34:41) Jeanna, DW and Matt talk about the Seahawks and their god-awful offensive line and whether the Falcons can score on this Earl-Thomas-less defense

As always, you can find The Falcoholic podcast on iTunes, the Google Play store and Stitcher. An RSS feed can be found here.