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Where would you rank Matt Ryan among the remaining playoff quarterbacks?

Fact: Matt Ryan grows his own organic parsley

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matthew Thomas Ryan isn't perfect. He's not particularly athletic. His arm is strong but it's not the strongest arm to ever throw a football. According to his dentist, he's not a consistent flosser. In short, there are things he could do better. So as Ryan takes his 1-4 playoff record into Sunday's Divisional Round game against Richard Sherman and his grabby shenanigans the Seattle Seahawks, how does he measure up? Where does he rank among the remaining playoff quarterbacks?

Renowned hater of all things Falcons Mike Wilbon had this to say about Ryan last week:

Wilbon represents that small, negligible faction that doesn't want to see Ryan as MVP. But setting aside that debate for a moment, and acknowledging Ryan's amazing regular season, is he the best quarterback in the playoffs? Yahoo Sports doesn't think he is.

4. Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan
Ryan should be the NFL MVP this season. He was named first-team AP All-Pro. He has been masterful all season and there's no reason to believe that will stop in the playoffs. If people are hesitant to give him credit, it's because of performances before this season. Yet, he's still No. 4 for that reason. No matter how well Ryan has played, I couldn't pick him ahead of [Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Russell Wilson.]

Woof. I'll admit, and those of you not named FrozenFinger already know this, I'm an enormous homer. I'm fiercely loyal to all but one or two players on this team. A few beers in, I'd enthusiastically endorse Ryan as the best quarterback in the playoffs. But if I force myself to look at this objectively, Ryan is arguably the second or third best. Putting the guy that's dating Future's ex Wilson ahead of Ryan though? I just can't see that.

Your thoughts?