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Vic Beasley has shoulder injury, questionable to return against Saints

Atlanta’s top defensive player may have a shoulder injury.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Phenom pass rusher Vic Beasley took a shot and limped off the field against the New Orleans Saints. He went immediately to the trainer’s table and the problem may be his balky shoulder.

Here’s what we’ve seen mentioned so far.

Beasley had a bad shoulder injury in his rookie season, and we’ve seen it pop up earlier this season. If he’s out, it could give Drew Brees an opportunity to ruin Atlanta’s chance at a first round bye.

Update: the training staff has taken Beasley to the locker room.

Hopefully this is just precautionary, but this is a pretty bad sign for Beasley’s return to the game.

UPDATE PART 2: he’s back and it might not be too bad.

UPDATE PART 3: he’s back!