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The FalcFans Podcast: Entire NFL Season Preview

The new episode brings on two special guests to discuss some common questions surrounding the Falcons, fantasy football, and more. This is followed by a complete breakdown of each division with predictions.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The FalcFans podcast is now producing two episodes a week. After recording an episode dedicated to previewing the matchup against Tampa Bay, we made our season predictions and brought on two guests.

Sports Illustrated and TMMQB’s Andy Benoit joins the show to exclusively break down key players and questions surrounding the Falcons. He breaks down their youth movement on defense, which features Ricardo Allen and Vic Beasley as potential difference makers. The always-compelling Matt Ryan-Kyle Shanahan puzzle is also heavily discussed as well.

Yahoo Sports and Rotoworld’s Michael Gallagher is the next guest, as we have a fun discussion about fantasy sports. We mix football with basketball, given Gallagher’s background covering fantasy basketball. He gives great insight about the Warriors, Hawks, and Timberwolves. After mourning Christian Hackenberg’s abysmal preseason performance, we get into Gallagher’s loyalty as a Jets fan and talk about fantasy football trends.

Aaron and I make our season predictions, while assessing each division. We analyze every team as well. This ended up being our longest show in quite some time. Due to having multiple guests on and getting into several debates about certain teams, we ended up recording longer than expected. This is a rare two-hour plus episode. During the season, we plan on keeping each episode between 60 to 75 minutes.

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