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Atlanta installing a 41 foot tall falcon statue at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

The statue will have a 64 foot wingspan and will still be less impressive than Julio Jones.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Florida vs Alabama Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are sparing no expense and passing up no opportunity to go big with their new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and that includes the biggest statue of a falcon you’re ever going to see.

The statue will be over 41 feet tall and have a 64 foot wingspan, and will undoubtedly startle every drunken fan who stumbles out of the stadium. It will also, per the press release we’ve received, be the largest bird statue in the entire world,

The Falcons are going to be moving into their new stadium in 2017, which means we’re witnessing the last ride of the Georgia Dome. The Falcons’ greatest run of success has come in the current dome, where they turned out a number of playoff teams and the 1998 Super Bowl-losing Dirty Birds, so we’ll certainly miss the memories.

The new stadium, while hugely over the initial budget, also has a futuristic-looking retractable roof, a 100 yard bar that will run the length of the stadium, and the aforementioned bird statue, so I anticipate it’ll win us all over quickly enough, assuming we’re not collectively priced out of attending games.

It’s over-the-top and arguably unnecessary, but the Mercedes-Benz Stadium promises to be one of the cooler places in the NFL to see a football game, in short. The bird statue will be a nice touch.