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Recent cuts the Falcons should look into

Atlanta is continuing their roster rejuvenation but they desperately need bodies.

New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans
Plenty of trash still out there.
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After the flurry of cuts, practice squad signings, and waiver claims, where does the Atlanta Falcons roster stand?

The team is likely set at wide receiver after claiming WR Taylor Gabriel. Their biggest hole is obviously corner back. Jalen Collins is suspended four games on account of PEDs, while Akeem King and DeMarcus Van Dyke were both sent to injured reserve. Converted wide receiver C.J. Goodwin would then be coming subbing in during nickel formations. After him there is literally no one left. They may be forced to put some free safeties in at corner.

CB/S/Scrub Brandon Browner

The market is so bad and Atlanta’s depth chart is so bad that I actually think Browner is appealing. There is no question he is a very bad player but who else is out there with some sort of game experience?

No one. The Falcons will need to trade (Dee Milliner should be nearly free if they can pick him off the Jets IR) or wait for another corner to get cut.

Guard is still a question mark with Chris Chester reportedly starting. The backups have some potential but very limited experience. The team is one small injury away from having serious problems.

G Geoff Schwartz

I mentioned Schwartz as a decent fit in Atlanta. He’s big but is a surprisingly adept pass blocker. His health history means he’s likely ticketed to a backup spot.

C John Sullivan

Take a look at the depth chart (NSFW). One injury separates the Falcons from starting Mike Person at center. Sullivan was the Minnesota Vikings’ long-time center, and is far less likely to fumble away snaps than Atlanta’s other options.

The Falcons still have no pass rush, and lets be honest, can’t solve that problem in September. But they can do something.

DE Mike Neal

The Green Bay Packers got rid of this bust, but Neal has been averaging about 4.5 sacks per season the last four seasons. His numbers remind me a bit of Derrick Shelby, but he would be way cheaper. Obviously more upside here than the now gone Malliciah Goodman.

Options are limited

There are simply not many options. The team can bolster their roster a bit but they are clearly thinking they can add someone to their active roster. They have added corner backs to their practice squad, suggesting they have their eyes on a veteran to take up an active roster spot.

Anyone else that would make an interesting addition?