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Falcons add RB and CB to their practice squad

The team filled up all but one remaining spot.

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons announced that they added two players to their practice squad. They have one remaining practice squad spot, but we expect plenty of shuffling on the active roster.

Who got added? One familiar name, and one player new to Atlanta. Per the Atlanta Falcons mothership.

You may remember Gus Johnson as the guy that the team adds to the practice squad after he underwhelms in the preseason. This year he was the back behind Terron Ward and Brandon Wilds.

Ah, the potential!

Olatoye went to North Carolina A&T (as a North Carolina resident since 2012, I have never heard of this college) and played for the Dallas Cowboys late last season. The oversized occasionally ran with the starters. According to SBN affiliate Blogging the Boys, he showed some real potential, especially in cover three.

Playing in a Cover 3 here, Olatoye does a good job at using the sideline to his advantage. He reads Tyrod Taylor's eyes while having a peripheral vision of receiver Chris Hogan in front of him. After he sees Hogan break down and look to turn, Olatoye drives off his back foot to come up and make a play on the football.

The next week he was burned for a touchdown, but you would expect a mixed bag.

What is the upside here? The Falcons have only three corners on their active roster, and they just converted one of them from wide receiver. If they can’t add two corners to the active roster, Olatoye has a definite chance to be bumped up to the active roster and play a handful of snaps early in the season.

The team has one more practice squad spot but the notable remaining moves with absolutely be on the active roster. Corner back depth is a problem.