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Falcons - Saints Week 3 prediction roundtable

Our staff is pretty evenly split between the Falcons and Saints in this one.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

James Rael - Falcons 41, Saints 24

DW - Falcons 9, Saints 6

Offensive shoot-outs are for losers: give me a field goal battle!

Matt Chambers - Falcons 172, Saints 0

I’m predicting closer than I actually think, but it is the Saints and I can’t possibly give them any more credit than this.

Caleb Rutherford - Saints 35, Falcons 21

This game has all the makings of a classic Falcon Egg laying.

William McFadden - Saints 30, Falcons 27

“I never knew Roddy was capable of that.” - Kyle Shanahan shortly after Roddy White comes off the bench for a 70-yard touchdown catch to win the game for New Orleans.

Allen Strk - Falcons 33, Saints 27

At some point, Dan Quinn’s defense makes a game-changing play and seals an emphatic win.

Dave Choate - Falcons 35, Saints 31

It’s going to be a shootout, that much is almost certain, and given the Falcons’ improved offensive firepower, New Orleans’ injury and talent woes at cornerback, and the fact that Atlanta has no business winning this game, they will win this game.

Kyle McClendon - Falcons 28, Saints 24

This game will be weird and both teams will be banged up, but I think the Falcons’ offense runs the ball well enough and spreads the ball around enough to win the game.

Kendall Jackson - Falcons 35, Saints 13

Matt Ryan throws five touchdown passes, the defense intercepts Drew Brees three times, and the Falcons flat out ruin the Domecoming’s 10th anniversary. I hope.