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Falcons waive RB Terron Ward to make room for O’Brien Schofield

4 corners and 2 running backs - oh my

Houston Texans v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In what will come as a very surprising move, the Falcons opted to make room on the 53-man roster for new signing O’Brien Schofield by waiving running back Terron Ward.

The Falcons 2016 roster is a very interesting one. The team opted to keep 6 receivers while also keeping 4 tight ends, with Joshua Perkins being inactive on game days. They carried only 3 running backs going into the season, with Ward having special teams value. However, Ward has been inactive and the team must have felt he was easy to replace. They’re now going to go into the Saints game with only two half backs in Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman.

This goes along with the team carrying only four healthy cornerbacks on the roster, where most teams will carry a minimum of five. It’s an odd use of the roster spots, with the team taking a “hold your breath” approach until Jalen Collins returns from suspension.

Of course, waiving Ward was ultimately to make room for O’Brien Schofield, who the Falcons hope can infuse some life into their disastrously bad pass rush.

Your thoughts on the moves?