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Atlanta Falcons have opportunity to ruin New Orlean Saints QB Drew Brees' interception streak on Monday

Fact: Drew Brees refuses to take any baths that involve bubbles

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It's one of the best weeks of the year, Falcoholics, known in the vernacular as "Saints Hate Week." It's such a happy time, affording us a rare, cherished opportunity to gather, discuss, and generally hate that miserable football organization known as the New Orleans Saints. To be frank, in my opinion, a season during which we beats the Saints twice is a successful one.

Trolling Twitter this evening I came across an interesting tweet. It appears Saints quarterback Drew Brees has a little streak going. His last interception came on December 6, 2015 against the Carolina Panthers.

The Falcons haven't picked off Brees since 2014, but they picked him off twice that year. (One pick away and one pick at home.) In 21 games against the Falcons, Brees has thrown 22 interceptions. He's also thrown 38 touchdowns and we've only beat him 6 times so by no means am I suggesting we should underestimate him. But damn, wouldn't it feel good to beat the Saints and derail this streak while we're at it? Yes. Yes it would.