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Predict the final score for Falcons vs. Saints Monday Night Football

Shootout, blowout, or disappointment?

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

When the Falcons play the Saints, things regularly go to hell. That makes predicting the score of a given Atlanta-New Orleans game somewhat of a fool’s errand, but it’s one we’ll take on regardless.

Start with the (relatively safe) assumption that this is going to be an offensive showcase. The Saints couldn’t stop laundry from drying with a fire hose at their disposal at the moment, and the Falcons’ defense has no pass rush and has surrendered a combined 59 points in two games, so it seems pretty unlikely either defense is suddenly going to stand and deliver. Follow that assumption up with the idea that it’ll be close, because these games so often are, and that the Saints will put up one hell of a fight at home in primetime, regardless of the final outcome.

That’s where we may diverge. I have the Falcons winning this game, as I have since the spring, because nothing in Falcons-Saints land makes sense. I fully expect Atlanta to win this one and lose at home versus New Orleans later in the season, when you’d expect them to coast to a win, because again, nothing makes sense when these two teams play. It’ll probably be a 10-10 tie.

I’ve got the Falcons with 38, the Saints with 34. How about you?