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NumberFire: Matt Ryan better than every other quarterback in week 2

Ryan puts another elite performance under his belt.

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Atlanta Falcons v Oakland Raiders
Eliteness personified.
Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

He doesn’t have any rings but Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan was the best quarterback in week two according to NumberFire. While one advanced statistics website is giving the game ball to Khalil Mack (did he play?), another is awarding Ryan’s dominant game.

What did Tyler Buecher of NumberFire have to say about Ryan?

As David Walker tabulated earlier today, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan ran the most no-huddle against the Oakland Raiders than he has in any other game. The results were pretty clear.

Even yards per carry were substantially higher in the no-huddle. It is not surprising to see, as Ryan has been one of the most adept quarterbacks at running the no-huddle in the league. He has proven that is still the case. Julio Jones rarely gets targeted in the red zone but both his touchdown this season came in the no-huddle.

The Falcons gave Ryan control of the offense and he succeeded by dismantling the Oakland Raiders defense. If the staff allows Ryan to run heavy no-huddle, it would not be surprising to see him in Pro Bowl contention and the team in a playoff race.