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Falcons waive two, add OT and LB to practice squad

If we had a dollar for every practice squad move the team made, we’d buy an island.

NFL: Preseason-Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins
Good bye, sweet Lordly.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As storied as any other tradition in Falcons history, the inconsequential practice squad shuffling has struck again. As we mentioned yesterday, the Falcons got rid of GOAT Nordly Capi and undersized corner Devonte Johnson.


Who did they add?

Capi likely became unnecessary with the addition of O’Brien Schofield. Johnson seemed like a precarious scheme fit, and failing to push for a roster spot with Atlanta’s weak corner depth should be enough to know he had no chance to make an impact with the team.

Carter Bukowski is a big OL that has been a mainstay on the bottom of the Minnesota Vikings roster after being taken in the 7th round by the San Francisco 49ers a few years ago. He may provide some upside, and, at the very least, knows his way around in the pros.

We covered Atlanta’s workout with David Tull yesterday, was a former Saints 5th round selection. Perhaps a project for old defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, the Saints felt the need to quickly move on from the pass rusher. He’s an athletic player with the upside Tyler Starr would simply never have. It is an interesting pickup as Tull may push for an active roster spot.