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Falcons roster cuts 2016: Goodbye, golden-haired Tyler Starr

The former seventh round could still land on the practice squad.

Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Tyler Starr, who has been intriguing people with his athleticism and long, flowing locks since he arrived in Atlanta as a seventh round pick, has been cut. Again.

When he was drafted, Starr was a project with some upside, but he’s made relatively slow progress over the last couple of seasons, consistently finding himself either a gameday inactive or a practice squad player. That upside is still there—Starr is relatively young—but despite his Hard Knocks appearances and tantalizing speed, there are inarguably several players ahead of him at both linebacker and defensive end.

Starr, of course, could still land on the practice squad, but his time might be coming to a close in Atlanta. We’ll wish him well, wherever he lands.