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Report: Falcons likely cutting defensive end Malliciah Goodman

The former fourth round pick never panned out the way we hoped.

New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Goodbye, Malliciah Goodman, apparently.

Goodman was a fourth round pick with famously violent hands, and he looked like a potentially terrific run stopper with a little bit of pass rushing upside, despite a lack of elite burst. Instead, he settled into a role as a run-stopping reserve, and with the Falcons stacking up those kinds of players this offseason with Courtney Upshaw and others, Goodman simply wasn’t needed anymore. I’ve always liked him, but it’s hard to blame the coaching staff for feeling like his skills were redundant on the roster.

We’ll wait for official confirmation for this, plus additional cuts, later today.