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Falcons vs. Raiders 2016: Who to Watch as Falcons fly to the West Coast

Your weekly suggestion of who to watch in another Falcons' regular season contest.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

After last week's game against Tampa, the Falcons' community is up in arms with torches at the ready. Thankfully, it's week two and the dream is still alive. Let's keep on hoping for a win, and take a look at some players to watch this week.

Sean Weatherspoon, Linebacker

The fan-favorite Weatherspoon displayed flashes of his old self during last month's preseason, but also showed that he's still capable of making the fundamental mistakes that kept him from being a truly great linebacker earlier in the decade. With De'Vondre Campbell being a rookie, I think Weatherspoon fills in nicely with no visible drop-off in play at the position.

Tevin Coleman, Running Back

By the end of week one, Tevin Coleman was your Atlanta Falcons' leading receiver -- just like we all expected. When it came to running the ball, Coleman looked slightly more comfortable than his partner, Devonta Freeman. We all knew the running game would be a combined effort from the backfield, but Coleman made a strong case last week to be favored. Taking a "hot hand" approach to the running back situation could be the direction the ground game is heading.

Jake Matthews, Offensive Tackle

Out of all of the guys I thought I'd need to be concerned about, Jake Matthews was near the bottom of the list. After an abysmal performance last Sunday, it's hard not to be a little worried when you're expecting the Raiders to send guys named Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin right at you. I'm expecting Matthews to recover this week, but he'll have to find himself quickly against a very talented Raiders' pass rush.

Who has your eye during the game this evening?