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The Atlanta Falcons are the 19th most valuable NFL franchise

But they are number one in our hearts. Mostly.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is making money hand over fist these days, growing at a pace that seems nearly unsustainable. That’s why it’s pretty amazing that a franchise can be worth billions, and still only rank towards the middle of the pack for the entire league as a whole, according to Forbes list.

In fact, of the 32 NFL teams, 24 of them are worth at least $2 billion. Pretty impressive, especially when you consider that only 9 of them were worth that much just last year.

As for Arthur Blank, his initial investment of $545 million to buy the Falcons has paid off nicely, with the team currently worth $2.13 billion. That total is no-doubt helped by the new Mercedes-Benz stadium which will open in 2017. Despite that princely sum, the Falcons still only rank 19th of all the franchises in the NFL.

Regardless of that ranking, the team is the most valuable of the NFC South franchises, with the Panthers ($2.075 billion - 22nd), Bucs ($1.8 billion - 28th) and Saints ($1.75 billion - 29th) all ranking 22nd or lower. Hooray, something we’ve finally won in the division.

The most valuable team? The Dallas Cowboys, worth an estimated $4.2 billion overall, a cool $800 million more than the 2nd most valuable team, the New England Patriots ($3.4 billion). Crazy Jerry’s initial investment of $140 million has done ok for him.

So, while you ponder purchasing a $2000 PSL in the new stadium for a single seat in the 300s sections, just remember that you’re helping to bump the Falcons up this chart in 2017 and beyond.

Your thoughts on the Falcons ranking?