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NFL power rankings: Atlanta Falcons fall in most power rankings after week one loss to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fact: Dan Quinn's mom stole his nose and never gave it back

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Sometimes I wonder why I've chosen the Atlanta Falcons as my favorite team. It's not easy, that's for sure. I could've picked a perennial powerhouse, or at a minimum, a team that wouldn't crush my soul in week one. But alas, it's Tuesday! That means it's time to recap the power rankings. Let me stop you before you rush to post a comment like, "This is stupid! Who cares about these rankings?!" We're going to bring you this summary every Tuesday. If you don't like power rankings, maybe just avoid these posts.

There's not a lot of optimism around here these days. In fact, there's a healthy dose of skepticism. (A mediocre showing leading to a week one loss will do that to a fanbase.) But don't worry, everyone else thinks the Falcons suck too.

The Falcons dropped from 19th to 24th in SB Nation's power rankings. (The New England Patriots topped their rankings and the Cleveland Browns ranked 32nd). Meanwhile has the Falcons falling three spots, from 25th to 28th. Pro Football Talk also ranked the Falcons 25th, a one spot drop. Bleacher Report says we're the 26th best NFL team, down four spots since last week.

Weirdly the Falcons climbed the ESPN power rankings, moving from 22nd to 21st. Does that count as a silver lining?

Your thoughts?