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Player of the Week Award: CB Desmond Trufant

If you thought the photoshopping was over, you were wrong.

Trufant Statue with Fire

Yesterday we brought you Dan Quinn sacrificing his weekly scapegoat to the absurdly large, chrome, falcon statue coming soon to the new stadium. (Don’t worry, Kyle Shanahan is coming. Like seriously, stop emailing me about Kyle Shanahan. The statue will eat him.) Despite the terrible loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Falcons still had plenty of bright spots. And we full intend to award it.

Desmond Trufant may go unnoticed as quarterbacks rarely throw at him. But not here. Tru made the best defensive play of the game, and gave the offense a needed short field.

This was the only reason Atlanta stayed in the game as long as he did. For his solid contributions to the team, we wanted to give him an award. But what’s better than an internet award? BEING THE AWARD AND BREATHING FIRE! Move over, falcon statue. Trufant is even taller than any statue you can build, and could easily cover the Statue of Liberty without safety help.

Congrats Trufant on the start of another great season. Thanks to the official Falcoholic photoshopper @ThatTerenius for the sweet picture.