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Falcons unveil Color Rush jersey colors for 2017, will wear white away uniform in 2016

It’ll be all red in 2017.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all been wondering what Color Rush jerseys the Falcons will be wearing going forward, and during Thursday Night Football in Week 9 against the Buccaneers we know...that they won’t be wearing them. Unless you count all white as a Color Rush jersey.

The Falcons are going with their all white away jerseys to avoid clashing with the Buccaneers, who will wearing all red at home during Week 9. That means the Color Rush jersey you see above isn’t on tap until 2017 in the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. That’s kind of lame, especially because the Falcons have had red as one of their colors longer than the Buccaneers, but whatever.

That means Atlanta won’t get to wear their Color Rush jerseys this year, because they only have the one Thursday night game. There are some conflicting reports, but we confirmed with the team that they will wear their normal away uniforms against the Buccaneers. Yes, for Color Rush, the Falcons are wearing their standard white uniforms.

The red ones do look pretty cool, even though I was hoping the Falcons would bring back the all black uniforms (as are a great number of you), but we likely won’t know when Atlanta will be wearing them until the summer of next year. That’s a long time to wait if this is a jersey you just have to have, but maybe the Falcons will play well enough this year to make us forget about all that.