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Falcons 17-Jaguars 15 final score: Oh, the turnovers

It was the fourth preseason game so who cares, though.

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

I’d like to tell you that Matt Ryan and company took the field and looked sharp and hit every pass and managed to shake off the remnants of the bad game last week against the Dolphins, but alas, it was the fourth preseason game. That most certainly did not happen.

Here’s what did take place when the Falcons beat the Jaguars with a final score of 17-15 in the very last preseason game in the Georgia Dome.

First quarter:

If you’d like, I could give you a recap of how I was stuck driving endlessly around Atlanta, sitting in standstill traffic, trying to get to the Georgia Dome during the first quarter. I spent the entire first quarter yelling inappropriate words in my car. That might be more interesting than what actually happened in the first quarter.

From what I heard, the first team had a false start and went three and out, and then they were replaced by the second string guys. Sounds like a real barn burner.

The Jags struck first on a 25-yard touchdown from rookie quarterback Brandon Allen to Shaq Evans, and the Jags led 7-0 at the end of the first. There was also a spectacularly bad interception after rookie tight end Austin Hooper bobbled a ball. He’s learning.

Second quarter:

The Falcons opened up the second quarter with a touchdown on a 3-yard Terron Ward run. Matt Bryant’s extra point was good, and this game certainly had us all on the edge of our seats with both teams knotted up at 7-7.

The Jags had a nice, long drive, and they were rolling until Robenson Therezie did this.

The Falcons gave it right back to Jacksonville, though, as Hooper bobbled another one right into the hands of a Jags defender. He’s learning.

Atlanta forced a three-and-out, and Nick Williams had a 23-yard reception to start Atlanta’s next drive.

Third and Fourth Quarters

Atlanta won. The big takeaways from later in the game all had to do with a relatively impressive defense led by Nordly Capi and Robenson Therezie, who had a sack and interception, respectively, and Terron Ward and Matt Simms getting a ton of run. Only Therezie is guaranteed a roster spot, however.

We’ll have much more in tomorrow’s recap. Hope you enjoyed the game!