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“The AFC South is garbage” and more from SB Nation’s talented Jaguars blog

If you want to learn more about the Jaguars ahead of the Falcons’ fourth, probably sloppy preseason game, you’ll do so right here.

Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

A big thanks to Ryan Day of Big Cat Country, who answered some questions that were about the Jaguars and some that were not.

Dave Choate: So, the fourth preseason game. It's pretty meaningless, but are there key roster battles that will be decided in this one for Jacksonville?

Ryan Day: Well, there won't be any key roster battles (unless you consider the No. 5 receiver key) but there are some fan favorites who could miss out on a roster spot because of this game. First, Bryan Walters. He's competing with Arrelious Benn and Tony Washington for the No. 5 receiver spot and Washington should get it based on play. But Walters was with the team most of last year. Also, what the heck are the Jaguars gonna do at offensive line? The team announced Kelvin Beachum and Luke Joeckel as the starters for Week 1, but if Joeckel doesn't work out at guard, who goes in for him? We've got to figure that out. And watch our backup edge rushers, specifically rookie Tyrone Holmes. If the guys ahead of him -- Dante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue -- don't show something by the bye week, you could see the Jaguars spending more time looking at what they've got in the other edge rushers on this roster.

Dave Choate: Who are the non-Bortlesian standouts on offense for this team in 2016? On defense?

Ryan Day: Allen Robinson of course. And Allen Hurns. T.J. Yeldon won't have a lot of production in an ideal scenario, but the production he does have in this system alongside Chris Ivory will be very, very meaningful. As far as defense, Malik Jackson and Sen'Derrick Marks could have really good years. And I'm excited to see how Tashaun Gipson does at free safety with more of a game plan and rhythm.

Dave Choate: How much noise can this team make in a weak AFC South, and perhaps in the playoffs?

Ryan Day: Well, the AFC South is garbage, so I wouldn't be surprised if this division came down to who stayed the healthiest and got to eight wins first. The Indianapolis Colts have an awful roster aside from Andrew Luck, the Houston Texans probably have the best roster right now overall but they have guys going down with injuries, and the Jacksonville Jaguars need help from a young and inconsistent defense.

Dave Choate: I've kind of run out of football questions. Do you think we really did discover an alien civilization, or is just another disappointment in the making? ARE WE ALONE IN THE UNIVERSE? (Editor’s Note: It was probably not aliens :-( )

Ryan Day: Don't we discover these radio frequency things every other week? I honestly don't know why this one is so special. I don't think we discovered anything and I think when we do discover something, they'll be using a methodology and technology we couldn't presently explain. There are aliens out there though, but I'm more curious as to their theologies and religions. If God is real than God would be the God of the whole universe, right? That means alien civilizations would be worshipping the God we do too, right? But what if, like C.S. Lewis wrote about in his Space Trilogy series, every planet is on a different point in the spectrum of the whole creation-fall-redemption-renewal timeline? What if Venus just started and their version of Adam and Eve haven't been kicked out of the Garden of Eden yet? What if Saturn still has their "Jesus" walking around? What if Mars is already in the end times?

Dave Choate: Seen any good TV shows lately?

Ryan Day: Last Chance U on Netflix.