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Falcons training camp bubble watch: Center is Alex Mack and question marks

Atlanta’s got a shiny new starter at center, but who is the backup?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons-Training Camp Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I probably don’t have to tell you that the Falcons are going to start Alex Mack at center, but I’ll tell you anyways: The Falcons are going to start Alex Mack at center.

Beyond that, though, things get a little more interesting. Let’s see who is on the bubble for Atlanta at the position.

Safe: Alex Mack

On the bubble: Jake Reed, Ben Garland

The Falcons could certainly throw others into the mix, but the depth chart suggests that Garland and Reed are duking it out for backup duties, with Mike Person obviously capable of stepping in even if he’s not the desired choice. Garland has longer experience and the better pedigree than Reed, a 2016 UDFA, but they’re both on the bubble and in the mix here. What might hurt Reed is that he hasn’t spent a lot of time at guard in comparison to Garland, and positional versatility helps on the interior.

With James Stone gone, though, it’s Mack by a mile and a couple of question marks. We’ll see who wins the gig.