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Roddy White answered your Falcons and football questions in a Moment


New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

You asked your Roddy White questions recently, and Roddy (very briefly) answered them.

The former Falcons great provided us with a short video in which he answered your questions about his personal favorite Falcons moment and something to do with Kyle Shanahan. As you’ll see at the tail end of the video, the Kyle Shanahan/Roddy White feud is not exactly going to die down any time soon.

I love Roddy so much that I don’t even care that he said Falconholics at the beginning of this video, and nor should you. The man will end his Atlanta career as the best receiver the team has ever seen, and we really appreciate his time. There’s still time, too, for Roddy to catch on with another team, as long as it’s not one in the NFC South.

Be sure to watch, and be sure to consider donating $125 for your own Moment, or at least giving to Roddy’s charity of choice.