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Report: Special teams competition wide open heading into the Atlanta Falcons' Thursday night preseason finale

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons preseason finale may not be a priority for you this week. I know you've got a busy week planned. From folding laundry to alphabetizing your K-Cups, your schedule is pretty full, and there are only so many hours in a week. But before you write off this last preseason game and look ahead to week 1 of the NFL's regular season, keep in mind all the guys still fighting for a roster spot.

Head coach Dan Quinn addressed the media today. Interestingly he went out of his way to point out the ongoing, hard fought special teams competition. (Credit to The Mothership's Kelsey Conway for the quote.)

"Where does our field position start? Usually, when they have to go a long way on some of the drives, we are going to play better," Quinn said. "Our kickoff team, our punt teams -- our gunners specifically-- there's real competition at that spot. We're looking at Robenson Therezie, Sharrod Neasman, C.J. Goodwin. We're trying to see what of this roster spot can you make and have a bigger contribution on special teams than maybe even on offense and defense."

Aside from quarterback Matt Ryan's performance, the special teams competition is the most important thing to watch. It will determine who fills out the back end of the Falcons' 53 man roster as the season gets started.

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