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The Falcons have zero healthy backup running backs against Jacksonville

A roster move is probably in the offing for Atlanta in the very near future.

Atlanta Falcons v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Technically, the Falcons have finished getting their roster down to 75 players. In reality, though, they are going to have to make a move between now and Thursday, because they simply don’t have any healthy running backs to play.

Maybe Terron Ward gets healthy, and maybe the Falcons play Patrick DiMarco at running back. That would seem a little insane, given how integral DiMarco is to the offense, but maybe they’ll do it and give Tevin Coleman a few snaps along the way. That still leaves Ward as the lone healthy, full-time back in a game dominated by reserves, and that assumes he can even play. With no Wilds, Gus Johnson in San Diego, and Cyrus Gray released with an injury settlement, I legitimately cannot imagine a scenario in which the Falcons aren’t signing a running back or two to get them through the week.

That means someone the Falcons might’ve wanted to get a bit of a look at is probably gone (Devonte Johnson at cornerback, maybe?), but you do what you have to do to get by. The Falcons would be far better off lopping a player off the back end of the roster for a one week solution at running back than exposing a starter to injury in a game that could not possibly mean less for those with established roles.

Now we’ll just have to see who Atlanta signs.