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Falcons roster cuts: Atlanta axes Sean Renfree, trims roster to 75 men

Renfree is the biggest name (and biggest surprise) on a list of ten cuts.

Baltimore Ravens v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Falcons roster cuts have rolled in, with Atlanta trimming the roster down to 75 men well ahead of Tuesday’s deadline.

Here’s the full list of cuts:

  • QB Sean Renfree
  • S Sergio Brown
  • R Gus Johnson
  • G Michael Huey
  • WR Jordan Leslie
  • DE Brandon Williams
  • CB Ryan White
  • TE Arthur Lynch
  • LB Ivan McLennan

I didn’t expect Renfree to be in the first round of cuts, but given that Matt Simms has had a relatively successful preseason and Renfree hasn’t had a ton of success over his time in Atlanta, it’s not truly shocking to see him go. That leaves Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, and Simms on the roster, with Schaub as the odds-on favorite to be the backup.

McLennan is the third player the Falcons have cut that I expected to be on the practice squad, but after having a strong summer and first preseason game, he had been largely invisible the last two games. He and Williams being cut means that Nordly Capi is still in the running for a practice squad spot, and should probably be considered a favorite to get it.

Gus Johnson is a mild surprise, too, but Cyrus Gray and Brandon Wilds have mostly outperformed him to this point, and Terron Ward is still around. We’re not sure which one of those guys is going to make the final roster, but I would suggest Wilds would be the favorite.

Otherwise, everyone on this list was a logical, unsurprising cut that made my prediction for the morning. The Falcons are now about a week away from needing to cut down to 53 man rosters, so expect lots of film grinding for the coaching staff this week both before and after the Jaguars preseason game.