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Time to panic: Matt Ryan playing in week four of preseason

Dan Quinn must be worried.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons fell apart in a historic fashion last season thanks in large part to a bad offense. They spent heavily on offense during the offseason. They made Alex Mack the highest paid center in the league and paid Mohamed Sanu a big sum of money considering his limited career success.

Then during the regular season dress rehearsal the offense was terrible. The entire starting offense was slow, conservative, and no one appeared to be on the same page. Another repeat of last season.

Now eight-year veteran Matt Ryan will play in weak four of preseason, a job usually reserved for players still fighting for a roster spot. Oof.

This could mean Ryan will take one snap, hand off the ball, then hit the bench. It happened last year. However, this announcement feels more like Quinn is feeling some pressure. The highly paid starting offense could not move the ball against Miami's highly suspect secondary. Then fans were able to watch Adam Gase's no-huddle offense effortlessly move down the field, just a week after the Cleveland Browns did the same thing.

All of the problems from last year haven't been fixed and now Ryan might be playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars backups.