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Falcons-Dolphins post-game injury report: Julio Jones injures ankle, doesn't play in second half

Fact: Keanu Neal has a rare natural immunity to hand, foot, and mouth disease

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

What a night to be an Atlanta Falcons fan. In what is widely considered the regular season "dress rehearsal" the Falcons lost to the Miami Dolphins. What's more, there were a lot of injuries tonight, some more concerning than others. Let's break them down.

I'm going to start with Julio Jones, because if him getting injured doesn't make you want to have a bowel movement, there's something wrong with you. Julio tweaked his ankle in the first half and was ruled out. (Julio and tweaks go together like lamb and mango chutney.) He apparently could've returned, at least that's what head coach Dan Quinn said. The team kept him out because it's the preseason and caution made sense.

Keanu Neal left the game in the first half with a knee injury. Not what you want to hear about the presumptive starting strong safety. For what it's worth, there's apparently reason to be optimistic about Neal's knee. First, he walked off the field by himself. Second, he told his teammates he'd be back for the season opener.

Adrian Clayborn suffered a shoulder injury. He walked right into the locker room after leaving the game and was ruled out. Speaking of shoulder injuries, Vic Beasley seemed to favor his injured shoulder during the game. Hopefully it's nothing but definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Justin Hardy left the game with an ankle injury. Apparently this may be the same issue he's been dealing with all week.

Brandon Wilds was injured late in the game. It was a knee injury and he was questionable to return. Devin Fuller was also injured late. He suffered a shoulder injury and he too was deemed questionable to return. Both Wilds and Fuller are trying desperately to make this team. An injury right now for either man is not ideal.

Your thoughts?