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Falcons fantasy football series: Quarterback Matt Ryan

You could do a lot worse than having Matt Ryan as your starting fantasy quarterback.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret Matt Ryan had his share of struggles last year. Prior to 2015, the ninth-year quarterback finished at least eighth in fantasy points at his position four of the previous five seasons.

Last year Ryan dropped to 19th, tied for the lowest rank of his career.

He had plenty of yards (4,379), attempts (621) and completions (410), but suffered mightily when it came to his 21 touchdowns — his lowest total since his rookie year.

Average draft position

Ryan's ADP hovers around the late teens to the early twenties, and you'll be hard-pressed to find rankings in which he's higher than that.

SBN lists Ryan as the 135th best player in their top 150 overall rankings. has him at 146 of 200, and ESPN's Matthew Berry doesn't have Ryan ranked period in his top 200 player list.

Suffice it to say pundits aren't high on the Falcons quarterback.

2016 outlook

If you end up with Ryan as your starting fantasy quarterback, there's room for optimism.

For starters, he's now in his second year with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Ryan admitted to being overwhelmed by the new system at times last season, but another offseason undoubtedly adds more comfortability and familiarity.

He also has a a new wide receiver to complement Julio Jones in Mohamed Sanu. Perhaps the Falcons overpaid for fifth-year veteran, but he presents a younger — and likely better — option than Roddy White, who was in the twilight of his career.

Lastly, he now has Alex Mack, one of the better centers in the league.

The potential's there for a bounce back season for Ryan. It's just a matter of whether or not you're willing to take that chance — and with him hovering around the 20 range, you certainly should.

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