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NFL roster cuts: what Atlanta Falcons could find themselves on a different NFL roster in the not so distant future?

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The first round of Atlanta Falcons roster cuts are right around the corner. By the time the season starts, nearly 40 current Falcons will be cut as the team trims their roster down to 53. That means several quality players will find themselves without jobs. Sure, some of them will land on the practice squad. Others will try to land on their feet elsewhere. Here's a list of players that could find themselves on a different roster before we know it.

Terron Ward

Ward is trying to come back from an ankle injury that's been nagging him for a couple of weeks and Brandon Wilds is doing a damn good job. That seemingly lands Ward on the cut list. But let's not forget about everything he's accomplished as a Falcon. (And for what it's worth, I'm not talking about his 95 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown in 2015.) I'm referring to the fact that he was active in 13 games last season. I'm talking about the fact that Kyle Shanahan publicly endorsed him last season. If you're a team with a thin backfield, you could certainly do worse.,

Levine Toilolo

I still think he's on the outside looking in. Against the Cleveland Browns in last week's preseason game, he played only 12 snaps. In this instance, it wasn't an effort to keep him healthy. But there will always be teams looking for a tight end that can block. Levine is just that.

Nick Williams

Williams' preseason has been a mixed bag. He drew a costly holding penalty and dropped what would've been a third down conversion in traffic against the Browns last week. That said, he looked pretty good after halftime. Williams is a scrappy player that earned Matt Ryan's trust last season. For teams with limited options at the back end of their receiving corps, Williams would be a solid addition.

Matt Bryant

The chatter surrounding Bryant's potential departure is growing louder and louder. To be clear, there's absolutely no indication from the team that he won't keep his job. If he is cut and a different team comes knocking, I could see Bryant entertaining the right offer.

J.D. McKissic

The talented young returner may not make the final roster but that doesn't detract from his intrigue. Teams are always looking for that dynamic, game changing player. Could McKissic find a job with a team that has less special teams talent? Maybe.

Your thoughts? What current Falcons could find themselves on another team's roster by the time the season starts?