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Report: Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant won't play against Miami Dolphins on Thursday

Fact: Matt Bryant never has to press "9" to dial out

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant is still working through the muscle tightness that has kept him sidelined for much of the preseason. Rookie free agent Nick Rose tried to fill his gargantuan shoes and failed miserably. In response, the Falcons cut Rose and re-signed Shane Graham. We're hoping Bryant can bounce back ASAP, but that remains to be seen.

ESPN Falcons beat writer extraordinaire Vaughn McClure is reporting that Bryant won't kick again until Sunday. In his absence, Graham will assume the kicking duties Thursday against the Miami Dolphins.

This is discouraging news for a couple reasons. First, Bryant isn't getting any younger. As dependable as he's been, it's hard not to wonder whether his chronological age is catching up to him. Second, kicking is all about timing. Unlike a lot of other skill players, kickers arguably need the preseason to get their timing down ahead of the regular season.

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