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Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Madden NFL 17

Get your first look at the new stadium in Madden.

On Tuesday EA Sports releases their latest in the long-time video games series, Madden NFL 17. What's new? I have no idea. I'm going to bet there are improved graphics, some slight tweaks to game play, and updated rosters.

That and the new Mercedes-Benz stadium.

MB Stadium EA Sports and Madden NFL

In the Madden world fans are able to somehow get through traffic and parking by kickoff. The stadium is still mostly a hunk of steel and construction cranes, but you can play in all of its animated goodness.

MB Stadium

I think the last time I played Madden, Vince Young was on the cover and Mike Vick was three times as fast as any other player in the game. Apparently the new Madden doesn't work on my Sega Genesis, but the PR firm working on behalf of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium explained how to play in Atlanta's newest stadium.

Gamers will have the very first look at football played inside this marvel. You can access it within the game via ‘Play Now’ or in ‘Franchise Mode’ after completing one season with the Falcons.

The Madden designers might need to dial down fan enthusiasm a bit to improve the realism.