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Falcons training camp tracker, 8/2 edition

Welcome back to training camp, everyone.

Falcons training camp 2015 gallery: We're getting the band back together!

After a day off, we’re back on the Falcons training camp grind, which means you are too. Welcome back.

As we noted yesterday during the break, we’ve seen some genuinely impressive performances from young players, a defense that looks improved early, and an offense with a ton of potential and some kinks to work out. None of that may hold up by the time we hit actual preseason games, but it’s the early picture that’s taking shape, and it is by and large an encouraging one.

Look for De’Vondre Campbell, Justin Hardy, and other early standouts to build on their performances, and look for Matt Ryan and the passing game to iron out some of those early issues. Look for Dan Quinn to be an unrelentingly positive person, as well, because it is his nature.