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Falcons vs. Browns preseason 2016: Who to Watch in Week Two

Another week of preseason action? Yes, please.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

That was a fast week. It's time for another exciting preseason game, where our fresh faces will be going up against the Browns' fresh faces. It's more exciting than you think. Let's get to it.

Wes Schweitzer, Guard

The dark horse candidate for starting right guard has to be Schweitzer at the moment, with a majority of the pre-training camp predictions for the position coming down to Chester or Person. Last week, Wes hauled in 33 snaps against the Washington Redskins. The coaching staff is certainly wanting to see more of him on the field, and the praises he's drawn are boosting his stock. He's certainly one to keep an eye on tonight against Cleveland.

Aldrick Robinson, Wide Receiver

The defense wasn't the only side of the ball in need of a speed boost. With Julio being the only downfield threat in 2015, Aldrick Robinson gives the offense someone who can stretch a defense vertically. An 118-yard performance last week against Washington shows he should be a guy that sticks around. Some more preseason action this week could solidify his spot on the team.

Keanu Neal, Safety

There's no definite word on if he'll be out there at the time of me writing this, but if he is, Keanu will be the top guy to keep your eyes on. Neal was a controversial pick for some Falcons fans this offseason, but someone with his ability was sorely missed in the defense last season. His progression within the scheme will be an interesting thing to note, whether he plays well or not.

Who's your favorites to watch tonight?