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Report: Atlanta Falcons teaming with Daktronics, IBM to build best stadium ever

Fact: Arthur Blank regularly asks Thomas Dimitroff to kiss his ring

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
Have you heard? The Atlanta Falcons are building a fancy new stadium and turning the Georgia Dome into a parking lot. That's right, the massive construction site you've seen in downtown Atlanta isn't a SuperIkea in the making.

No matter what you think about this new stadium, there's no denying its appeal, especially if you're a technology geek. Sporttechie did an interesting piece about the continuing effort to make Mercedes-Benz Stadium the most technologically advanced stadium in the world.
The crown jewel of the new Mercedes Benz Stadium will come from the Falcons partnership with Daktronics, an industry leader in creating scoreboards and display systems, to create a 360 degree, 63,000 square-foot HD Halo video board that will be positioned at the center of the venue giving every fan a perfect view of the action.  The stadium will also feature more than 2,000 video displays that will encompass everything from menu boards to televisions for fans to watch the game.
This all comes at a price, and thankfully Arthur Blank is footing the majority of that bill. (At least at first, right PSL holders?) What's more, this particular fan experience may not be your ideal fan experience. (Put differently, it won't have the organic feel of a Notre Dame or Green Bay Packers game.) But you're basically paying for admission to an amusement park. No longer will you need to worry about breaking the proverbial seal and taking a bathroom break. Why? Because you'll have wi-fi access to follow the game on your phone and TVs in the bathroom which incidentally could make the public bathroom experience slightly less awkward.

Your thoughts?