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Falcons dedicated to mediocrity, waived/injured SEC and UGA DT Chris Mayes

We know a few incontestable facts about Thomas Dimitroff.

One of these guys is Chris Mayes, if USA Today is to be trusted.
One of these guys is Chris Mayes, if USA Today is to be trusted.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

He loves hair gel. He loves biking. And he hates SEC players. If you want to know why the Falcons are so #soft it is because Dimitroff refuses to add a bunch of players from the greatest football conference in the world. The SEC is the stoutest in the trenches and the Falcons are paper thin.

Expect more of the same after the Falcons foolishly waived defensive tackle Chris Mayes. This guy got through four years of Mark Richt. He could have been a game changer.

We covered the other guys (not from the SEC so don't worry) yesterday. But why would the Falcons even expose Chris Mayes to waivers? This gritty tackle is 6-foot-4, 338-pounds, can probably bench press a trailer, and knows plenty about studying NFL-caliber players. And also injured. More nonsense from Dimitroff.

The Falcons now have an open roster spot and they may need to shuffle in another camp body at nose tackle. A quick glance at the roster suggests they could use another big body at defensive tackle to take some reps when Grady Jarrett and Joey Mbu rest.