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NFL fantasy football 2016: where are you drafting your favorite Atlanta Falcons?

Fact: Julio Jones is deathly afraid of small marsupials

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons aren't known for fielding a team full of fantasy football studs. But that said, there are a few guys worth taking every year. And if you're an enormous homer like me, you might even find space for multiple Falcons on your perennially-doomed squad. So what's the true, objective draft value of these various Falcons?

Let's start with a list (ADP stands for "average draft position"):

Julio Jones - ADP: 3

Matt Ryan - ADP: 139

Jacob Tamme - ADP: n/a

Austin Hooper - ADP: n/a

Devonta Freeman - ADP: 18

Tevin Coleman - ADP: 96

Mohamed Sanu - ADP: 146

Now let's play a little game, Falcoholics. Let's pretend I've invited you to play in my fantasy league. For the sake of argument, let's assume this a twelve team league. Because I'm feeling generous, you can also assume you have the first overall pick in said draft. Here's your task: tell me where you'd pick your favorite Falcons and why. Best answer gets to kick Dave one time, as hard as you want, in the tucchus.

Ready? Set? Go!

Be sure to check out Yahoo! fantasy football this year for your league!