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Falcons training camp practice is closed to media today

Atlanta’s got a close practice today, so reports will be sporadic.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons-Training Camp Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta has one more practice, a closed one, before their Thursday night game against Washington. This is the last opportunity for players to make a case for a longer look during the first preseason game, and while everything’s probably more or less settled at this point, hope remains eternal.

What games do at this point is put all this seeming camp progress in its proper frame. The young, athletic players have shone, largely in pads, and players making big leaps (like C.J. Goodwin, who has been legitimately impressive) have an easier time doing so in the controlled climes of practice than during a game against a hostile, capable opponent. So we’ll see.

You won’t hear anything directly from camp today, given that media won’t be present, but we should get a few worthwhile tidbits by the end of the day. We’ll keep the camp tracker warm, just in case.