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Mohamed Sanu excelled in Cincinnati as a WR1?

We have seen a pretty wide variety of opinions on Atlanta's newest weapon.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

However, most of those opinions have been negative. Mohamed Sanu struggled to earn meaningful snaps in 2015, and was known to drop catchable passes in 2014. His contract suggests the Atlanta Falcons like him in a bigger role.

What can he do with a bigger role? Around the NFL's Chris Wesseling has been bullish on Sanu's potential in Atlanta, and tweeted some interesting stats.

While Falcons fans may have flashbacks to Harry Douglas racking up empty yards in 2013 with injuries to Julio Jones and Roddy White. Sanu's numbers look better, with a better YPC and more touchdowns.

The biggest question is if Sanu can translate this to an impressive number two role in a way that Douglas never could.

Nate Burleson has been a big proponent of Sanu as well, and seems very confident that he can play that role. One might wonder why he never turned into that next to AJ Green in Cincinnati, but there is no answer for that in this series of tweets.

The Cincinnati Inquirer's beat reporter really liked Sanu when he was a big part of the Bengals offense.

Anyone else getting cautiously optimistic that the Sanu signing won't be as bad as expected.