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Julio Jones lands at #8 on the 2016 NFL Top 100

Julio is great. There, we said it.

Julio Jones NFL Top 100 Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Julio Jones is a top ten NFL player, whether you’re measuring him by production or talent. Now he’s been recognized as such on the NFL Network’s annual prestigious (if not always accurate) list of the top 100 players in the league at the moment.

Julio took his already tremendous game to new heights in 2015, putting up an absolutely bonkers final line of 136 receptions, 1,871 yards and eight touchdowns for a team finding its way offensively. He’s not of this Earth, and it showed. As I mentioned the other day, Julio is now basically 3rd to 5th in every franchise career receiving category, and he’s only been playing for the Falcons since 2011.

Expecting him to exceed or repeat that line this year might be too much to hope for, but Jones should be good for another ridiculous season next year, and maybe he’ll be even higher than 8th on the NFL Top 100 a year from now. Nothing’s impossible with our favorite wide receiver.