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Matt Bosher led the NFL in one key metric that proves his leg is crazy strong

The fan favorite punter continues to impress.

Matt Bosher Falcons Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You already knew that Matt Bosher was the most ornery, sideline-tacklin’, trash-talkin’, beard-havin’ punter in all of the NFL. Did you also know he has one of the league’s strongest legs?

And the relevant passage:

According to the first part of study, Bosher had the NFL’s strongest leg in 2015, averaging 52.6 yards per punt when 65-plus yards away from the opponent’s end zone. He was more than a full yard ahead of second place, Miami’s Matt Darr (51.8), and 4.6 yards above the league-wide average.

Here’s the source for the study, but suffice to say that’s pretty impressive. Bosher is the rare punter willing to mix it up and tackle on special teams, which would make him a fan favorite even if he wasn’t talented. Thankfully, the Falcons showed patience with him during an up-and-down rookie season, and they’re reaping the benefits now.

Bosher will head into 2016 about as safe as a punter can possibly be, given his performance over the last few years, and figures to be in the conversation as one of the five best at his position in the NFL. We like that.