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Who are the three best centers in Falcons history?

The top option isn’t Todd McClure, but he’s on the list.

Divisional Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons
Todd McClure!
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

With the Falcons bringing in Alex Mack, one of the best centers in the NFL over his career, it feels like a good time to dive into team history and see who the best three ever to man the pivot for Atlanta actually were.

This is another tough one, because there’s a recent, beloved center who I have at #2, which means that I’m probably going to get blasted for not having him top the list. Here’s my three:

  1. Jeff Van Note
  2. Todd McClure
  3. Jamie Dukes

Van Note played in 30 more games than McClure and was, by all accounts, one of the better centers in the NFL during the latter half of his tenure in Atlanta. McClure was extraordinarily durable and extremely talented, and it was awesome to watch him play, but I put him at #2 because of what I’ve personally seen from him (which is admittedly limited, given the timing of his career) and what I’ve seen and read from those who did see him play. Dukes was a quality center with a nasty streak who belongs on this list, but is clearly behind both Van Note and McClure in tenure and play. No shame in that.

Give us your list.