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Dan Quinn impressed by Keanu Neal's coverage

We knew the rookie could make big hits.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The 1st round pick was famous for absolutely decleating college players. Not that is should be any surprise, but he continues to be an intimidating force in the middle of the defense.


Julio Jones talked about Neal's physical play yesterday, but Dan Quinn gave us some insight on his coverage skills. Neal's biggest knock has been his inconsistent coverage through college. It apparently has not been a problem in camp.

I think he's off to a good start. It was nice to see him match-up... all the tight end matchups that we could get today. We know the physicality that he brings. I think that part of his game will come more to life.

We saw his tight end match-ups earlier on Sunday when he popped the NFL's most hated man Jacob Tamme. Serves him right. Neal later apologized, probably for not hitting Tamme even harder. He put this hit on Levine Toilolo, who as we know isn't good at football, but is very big.

This is a nice improvement in general, as three of Atlanta's first four picks were believed to be, in part, to stop tight ends from gashing the defense. Quinn was most impressed with the improvement of both the secondary and the linebackers.

They work at it every single day: the strike zone hits, the leverage tackling.

Hopefully we see this play transition into the regular season, but early reports on the speed and strength of the rebuilt defense have been positive. Speed and strength? Oh man, the Falcons might have finally become fast and physical.