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2016 Falcons training camp: Who is on the bubble at quarterback

The Falcons have four players who should be considered on the bubble, and all of them are battling to be Matt Ryan’s backup.

Baltimore Ravens v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Every couple of days, we’ll be breaking down who is on the roster bubble at key positions. First up, quarterback.

Safe: Matt Ryan

On the bubble: Literally everyone else

Barring a transformation into an entirely different species, Matt Ryan is probably locked in as the starting quarterback. Things get awfully cloudy beyond that.

Technically, there are four quarterbacks competing for the backup gig, and all of them can safely be considered to be on the bubble. Undrafted free agent Alex Ross is probably the biggest longshot despite a productive college career and quality athleticism, given that he’s the least experienced option, but when your competition is Matt Sims (a practice squadder by nature), Sean Renfree (who hasn’t stood out over the last few years in Atlanta), and Matt Schaub (pretty well cooked), maybe Ross can stick around.

Schaub remains the favorite and my pick for backup, but this is genuinely unsettled, and anyone who stands out over the next month has a legitimate shot to be Ryan’s clipboard caddy. They’re all straddling a job and the bubble, in other words.