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Who are the three best tackles in Falcons history?

The best player on this list is also one of the best players in Falcons franchise history.

Bob Whitfield runs onto the field Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We’re on to the offensive line in this series, where I have managed to offend multiple Falcons legends along the way. It’ll be even better when said legends are 300-plus pounds!

Today we’re going to focus on tackle, a position where the Falcons currently have two very good young options, and where they’ve historically had several excellent players. Here’s my top three:

  1. Mike Kenn
  2. Bob Whitfield
  3. Todd Weiner

Kenn is an easy one, given that he’s easily the best Falcons tackle ever, arguably the best player ever to put on a Falcons uniform, and certainly the best tackle not currently in the Hall of Fame. Whitfield had an up-and-down career in Atlanta, but was excellent for long stretches and was extremely durable for a decade-long stretch where he only missed one game.

The harder part was settling on Weiner as the third-best when Tyson Clabo also belongs in the conversation. In the end, I went with Weiner because he played well in a fairly unique circumstance, serving as the blindside protector and brick wall on the edge for the electric Michael Vick, who was at times unpredictable even for his own offense.

What does your list look like?