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Falcons waive WR Daje Johnson, and sign DE Efe Obada who is not Dwight Freeney

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It is finally football season when we have inconsequential roster moves!

We signed the guy with fewer sacks and fewer domestic violence arrests.
We signed the guy with fewer sacks and fewer domestic violence arrests.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are still adjusting their roster, and continue to cut players even though they have open roster spots. That is weird, unless they are keeping them open for some veteran players down the line.

Did they finally sign Dwight Freeney? Nope, but they are bringing in an interesting pass rusher.

I have never heard of Daje Johnson and I write about the Falcons multiple times per week. He will be missed.

Who is Efe Obada? Do you not remember him from college? That is probably because he never attended college, per these cool facts about the pass rusher. He never watched football in 2013 and was told he should try out for the London Warriors in 2014. Now he has bounced around between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Dallas Cowboys. The 6-foot-6, 255-pounder is the perfect high upside player for Dan Quinn to mold (or to get waived during first cuts).

Anyone remember Mike Smith coaching up any raw defensive players? Me neither.

Obada has an outside chance at the team's practice squad. He'd provide interesting depth for one of Atlanta's weakest positions.