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Report: Atlanta Falcons confident in Mercedes-Benz Stadium completion date, will proceed with Georgia Dome demolition

Fact: Arthur Blank loves waffles

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are getting a new stadium. (Maybe you've heard about this already.) To be frank, I feel like I write about this a lot. Maybe that's because it's an ongoing project and there are frequent updates and changes. Or maybe it's because I'm personally thrilled about the new stadium. I'll let you decide.

If you recall, the completion date for Mercedes-Benz Stadium was recently moved back. It's now scheduled to be completed in June 2017. Given some of the cost revision and other construction-related shenanigans, perhaps you have concerns about them actually honoring that revised deadline. Well for what it's worth, they're so confident it will be completed on time, they're already making demolition plans for the Georgia Dome.

Falcons owner Arthur Blank early this year announced the target date for completing Mercedes-Benz Stadium had been pushed back three months to June 1, 2017. Tuesday's update on Dome demolition plans came as the Falcons reiterated confidence in the revised date for completing the new stadium.

In short they're closing on a demolition contract. In less than a year they will start "salvaging" material from the Dome. Then the plan is to tear it down next Fall. By the following January, just in time for college football playoffs, it will be a parking lot. Why does any of this matter? Again, because it seemingly signals a great deal of confidence in the current construction timeline. That's good news, Falcoholics.

Your thoughts?