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MMQB: Falcons' biggest problem? Defensive talent is trash

This should not come as a surprise.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We all understand some of the reasons the Atlanta Falcons fell apart last season. The interior offensive line turned to trash. Every pass catcher outside of Julio Jones had no chance of outrunning anyone. And Kyle Shanahan happened there may have been some questionable coaching decisions.

While those coaches have remained, the team added Alex Mack, Wes Schweitzer, Austin Hooper, and Mohamed Sanu.The offense has all the pieces to succeed.

According to the supremely plugged-in Peter King, the defense might be missing those pieces.

Does Dan Quinn have enough talent on defense? The Falcons have been trying to get more pressure from the front seven for years, and they still look a little shy in that area to me … unless Vic Beasley has an explosive second season. The Falcons lost eight of their last 11 games last year. Matt Ryan threw a relatively middling 21 touchdowns. They’ve got to take some of the pressure off his shoulders, starting this summer.

The defense took serious steps forward in 2015 after continually disappointing in 2014, but the talent is still pretty thin. Pretty much every position is either relying on young players to take a leap or a heavy rotation to make up for a lack of talent.

This problem isn't new. The Falcons have relied on Matt Ryan to win games since he was drafted, and that seems unlikely to change.